Monday, August 17, 2015

#4 Queen of Peace

#4 Queen of Peace

It's that time again...

I've made so much recently because it's about time for promotions at Shadowplay, so I've done a completely new gallery with a new name (Badlands as you can see from the header above, because I can't wait for Halsey's release) so this post is all of that! I've also just realised today that Florence released an album I have no clue where I've been so the post title comes from her song :D

I've recently wanted to try retouching models, etc., so I've done two really nice ones that I hope you all like :) Feedback or tips would be loved with those :p

Today I was supposed to start my online writing class for college credit, but the website has been having issues, so I haven't been able to log in errr. Not to mention I have a project for a class that starts in two weeks that I've only completed a third of...


Today I have for you soooooo much! Two icon sets, four long banners, three 650x200 banners, three signatures, two chapter images, two blends, one header, two retouches, and last but certainly not least I have SEVEN colouring psds for you! I feel like I've gotten better at them recently, so I've been making more and more :D


-Long Banners-

-650x200 Banners-


-Chapter Images-






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  1. I've Been Chasing Angels
    I downloaded all the colouring PSDs:) Thank you<3