Wednesday, August 5, 2015

#3 Meet Me Out In Paris

#3 Meet Me Out In Paris

It's been a few weeks since my last update, but I'm here again :D I wanted to make sure I had enough for this post and actually had something to talk about whoops! July is a very busy month for me, so the past two weeks have been filled with serving for a dinner theater, celebrating my birthday (I'M 17 I'M OLD) by going to see Paper Towns with friends and holy crap it was amazing!!! I also had to finish a commission painting for someone moving into their new house soon. And I've been trying to write in my spare time, and complete challenge graphics at ShadowPlay, so some of these are from those. Not to mention school is starting back soon. Ugh.

First, Paper Towns WAS AMAZING! It stayed very close to the book, which I always love, and I WANTED TO CRY WHEN YOU KNOW WHO MADE A CAMEO FOR LIKE TWO SECONDS. Tattoos looked very nice on him *smirks*.

As for school, I go back on the 25th (I think) and I'll be taking English, US History part two and my final art class, along with an online college writing course that starts the 17th. I was set to early graduate because my principle said he approved it, but my college counselor and guidance counselor said they think it'd be best to stay the whole year because I'd be up for more scholarships and to say the least, my heart was broken because I worked so hard for this and they said I shouldn't do it. Of course they were like "You can always choose to graduate early, but we think it'd be best not too, but you still can." All I was thinking is if I don't stay, it'd cost more money during UNI and I didn't want to seem lazy or disappoint anyone, so after thinking about it long and hard, I just settled on stay the whole year, but I'm still pissed off.


Today I have for you three long banners, one 650x200 banner, three signatures, two chapter images, three blends, two Wattpad Covers with one front and back sleeve for my story, and a set of typography's made the One Directions anniversary based off of Harry Styles' tweets that day! Unfortunately, I have no PSD colourings for you :( but next time, I promise!! 

-Long Banners-

-650x200 Banner-


-Chapter Images-


-Wattpad Cover & Full Sleeve-


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  1. Holy cow! I don't know what to say... OMG your works they are perfect! I'm soo sooo soo in love with them ♥ First signature is the most beautiful signature here!! The colors, all the elements fit just perfect. Banners are very beautiful and oh dear so are the chapters. Blends rule too!! The second one is my favourite ♥ I loooooove your works Ash! I can't wait to see some more ;)