Monday, July 20, 2015

#2 Papercut

 # 2 Papercut

Hello again! I hope you are having a good week. Mine has been rather hectic but I have tons of goodies for you all. My mom is apart of a dinner theater (a production that you are served dinner with) and I have to serve most weekends, including last Friday and Saturday. I'm completely knackered. I'm also apart of an awards blog on tumblr for another site I'm on for writing. It's stressful--having to take nominations, screen the nominations to make sure they follow rules, make a voting ballot, and then tally votes in order to make the badges. It takes about two months from start to finish.

I also started a new TV show, Teen Wolf. I don't know why I didn't watch it before, because I love Dylan O'Brien and Holland Roden! I finished the first season last night and I'll probably, most likely start the second season today.

And I finally have a button :D If you'd like, you can stick it on your blog, and leave me a link in the comments to your button and I'll put it in my recommended!

On to what I have for you today. I have started working harder on PSD colourings, and I have a few I like ready for you to download. I have one set of icons inspired by Papertowns that comes out very soon and I plan on seeing, three long banners, five signatures, one 650x200 banner that was requested on a different site, two blends, and two chapter images. I have six colour PSDs, mainly red/pink because I naturally like that for skin tones.


Long Banners

650x200 Banner



Chapter Images

Please read the rules before downloading PSDs, and comment below which ones you downloaded :)

PSD colouring

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  1. I've Been Chasing Angels
    I downloaded the first five colouring PSDs Thank you<3