Saturday, October 17, 2015

#6 Perfect

#6 - Perfect

It's been a while guys! Goodness, I've made many things though :D 

Meanwhile, school has been going well. My online college writing course is amazing! On my first essay comparing and contrasting Love and Infatuation I made a 94 which is amazing!! I have another essay to turn in today, so I wanted to post this before I make final edits and send it. Loads of these are requests or challenges at ShadowPlay, which I'm proud to announce that I've won some challenges! I've definitely grown in the short time of being there (as you could tell if you go back a couple of pages) and being surround by a great community is an amazing feeling :p

Anywho, today I have for you: 4 icon sets, 7 signatures, 6 long banners, 4 650x200 banners, 3 headers, 3 chapter images, 4 blends, 3 covers, 7 colorisations, 2 manips, and 11 PSD colourings!

Enjoy :D



-long banners-

-650x200 banners-


-chapter images-







  1. I've Been Chasing Angels
    I downloaded all the colouring PSDs because they look great:) Though 23 didn't work, it was the link for 25. Thank you<3

    1. Thank you for making me aware! It's fixed now :D