Saturday, February 6, 2016

#8 - Melting Magnets

#8 - Melting Magnets

So, it's been about two months since I've last update...Originally, there was more in this update, but my inspiration has lacked some, and so many of my graphics weren't where I wanted them to be, therefore, I took out of the update :( 

I personally think my icons are getting better, especially the pairs. I'm trying to incorporate stocks into them, but become better with textures and brighter colours! Is it working? :P 

I've also started to make textures! Thus far I've only done two lighting texture packs (they're at the very bottom!) But I've also done a Watcher's Pack on my DA page 1Dhazboo, if you'd like to follow me there and receive it! Sadly there are no PSDs today...I'm really lacking in the area right now, but hopefully soon!

Last thing, I've started a job! It sucks that I'm growing up and headed off to uni soon :( but at least I'm getting paid :p



-650x200 banners-

-long banners-





-Texture Packs-

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